1-1 Swim Coaching

Whilst well structured squad sessions will advance your swim fitness, nothing can develop your stroke and reduce those swim times better than undertaking a series of 1-1 coaching sessions.

The 1-1 sessions that we offer are unique. Not only do we use video technology to film your stroke both above and below water, tailor the sessions to your goals, provide personalised swim sessions to follow, we have also started using  radio headsets during our sessions. These allow our coaches to speak directly to our swimmers giving instant feedback as they swim. No longer does the swimmer have to get to the end of the pool to receive observation and comment. The progress that we have seen with swimmers using this new coaching system  has been quite remarkable!

To ensure you get the most from every session the exact content will be discussed and agreed based on your current level of swimming. The following is an example of a 3 session programme.
Each of the sessions can also be booked independently as stand alone sessions.

 Example sessions:
 Session one (60 minutes)
  • Initial consultation exploring your own stroke perception, swim history, current goals and training
  • Video session both above and below the water
  • Feedback on stroke using Objectus analysis software this will be available to take away with you
  • This hour session includes 45 minutes in water and time before and after the session for discussion
 Session two (60 minutes)
  • Introduction to specific drills aimed at improving your stoke
  • Introduction to swim equipment which will benefit your stroke
  • Ramp test to identify your ideal swim stroke rate ( if needed )

The exact content of this session will be dependent on feedback from session one. During the session a 2 way radio headset will be used which allows communication between coach and swimmer with instant feedback while you swim.
Following this session you will receive suggested sessions for you to use in your training.

 Session three (60 minutes)
  • Consultation and catch up on progress made since previous session
  • Critical Swim Speed test to identify your correct training intensity
  • Pool based further swim analysis
  • Advanced drills

It is recommended that there is a gap of 2 to 3 weeks between session three and two. This allows time to digest the feedback from previous sessions and incorporate suggested swim sessions and drills into your regular swimming. Following the session you will receive access to suitable swim sessions for you to try in your own time. Each session is an hour long including 45 minutes swim time and time before and after the session for feedback and discussion.

Sessions availaible at Turton Sports Centre

Mondays 7.00pm – 7.45pm:                

Wednesdays 8.30pm – 9.15pm              

Thursdays 7.00am – 7.45am              

Sundays 9.00am – 9.45am                    

Sessions availaible at Bolton School

Mondays 9.15 – 10.00pm

Fridays 9.00 – 9.45pm

Saturdays 6.00-6.45pm

Saturdays 6.45 – 7.30pm

Sundays 2.00 – 2.45pm

Sundays 5.15-6.00pm


T0 check availability, see price  and reserve your place please use the calendar below:

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Included in all costs are:

  • hire of private lane at Turton Sports Centre 
  • life guard (hopefully not needed)
  • all equipment required including fins, floats, kick boards
  • 1-1 swim coaching
  • drill sheet
  • online resources 

We realise that for some people the cost of a 1-1 may be prohibitive therefore we are able to offer 1 – 2 sessions where possible, if you would be interested in sharing your session with one other person please indicate on the application form.

If you would like to have an informal, friendly, no obligation chat about the swim coaching available please don’t hesitate to contact me here.


“With Garrie’s coaching I went from total non swimmer to competing Ironman UK swim in 1:44 a time I could never have imagined I was capable of”  Dave July 2018

“The gains in my swimming after only three 1-1 sessions was amazing, highly recommended”  Martin June 2018

“After my 1-1 sessions with Garrie, the difference in my swimming is massive. I went from having little technique and no confidence in the water, to a vastly improved stroke and enough confidence that I now actually enjoying swimming for the first time and am looking forward to my future races. Garrie’s coaching was pitched at the right level and his expertise was obvious”       Cat May 2016

“Garrie is a brilliant swim coach, he takes his time to really explain the sessions and his knowledge of all things swim related in fantastic.”     Katy  July 2017

“The help and support I received whilst attending the session was brilliant, Garrie put me at ease instantly and his relaxed but knowledgable approach was perfect for a nervous swimmer like myself .  Highly recommended.     Andrew   July 2017

‘With Garrie’s coaching I reduced my 1500m swim time by 6 minutes.  His approach is professional yet also friendly and informal.   Matt  August 2017