Is this you?

  • I get out of breath after only a few lengths
  • I have sinky legs 
  • I’m a experienced swimmer looking to add an additional quality workout out to my current training program
  • I’ve been told my arms cross over at the front of my stroke but I don’t know how to correct it
  • My head position feels wrong
  • I’ve been swimming for a while but don’t seem to be progressing 
  • I swim with my club but squad size sometimes means that I don’t get the attention I need
  • I’d like to swim with other people

If any of these statements sound familiar, or you simply wish to spend some quality pool time with our highly experienced swim coaches our new five week swim school is for you.

Where, what and when?

The next swim school will start on Tuesday 16th January 2018
The session will take place at Turton Sports Centre, Bolton. 6.45am-7.30am

The pool will be divided into four lanes. One lane will be dedicated to the experienced swimmer looking for a swim session which will really push their endurance, speed and strength. The other three lanes will be reserved for swimmers wishing to spend quality time working on their technique. These three lanes will focus on a different element of front crawl addressing the most common stroke faults that we regularly  see during our other weekly swim sessions. Including

  • breathing
  • head position
  • hand entry
  • effective catch and pull
  • stroke rate and efficiency.  

The sessions will follow the methodology of the worlds best swim coaching company Swim Smooth.  And will use the very latest swim theory and practical application to ensure that not only do you progress with your swimming but also that you have fun whilst doing so.

Who can attend

With the pool split into four lanes we can accommodate most adults from those who can swim at least a couple of lengths (even if it isn’t pretty) right through to the more advanced swimmers. We welcome both triathletes and recreational swimmers, including people who may already belong to, or swim with another club. There is no membership to pay.
We are limiting the number of swimmers to a maximum of  four in each lane to make sure we have time to work closely with everyone. Attendees need to be aged 18 or over. 

For those swimmers who are more confident and competent we run two other weekly sessions Details here.

Your Head swim coach
  • is a qualified Triathlon England Level 2 coach
  • Triathlon England Level 3 High Performing Coach Programme trainee 
  • has over 10 years of coaching experience and 30 years of competitive experience
  • has completed the Swim Smooth Three Day Coach Education Course
  • recently returned from Australia shadowing the Swim Smooth Head Coach and as a result bringing back the very latest ideas and training methods
How much and what’s included?

The cost for the five week block is: £30.00
This includes:

  • Entry to the pool
  • High quality swim coaching 
  • Access to supporting online materials
  • Hire of swim equipment ( pull buoys, fins, paddles and even parachutes)
  • Video feedback
  • Priority entry to other Peak XV swim sessions
Money Back Guarantee

We are confident that everyone attending the session will  progress with their swimming in a relaxed, informal and enjoyable atmosphere. However if after attending the five sessions anyone doesn’t feel they have improved we will refund all their fees!

What people are saying about our swim sessions

“I joined Peak XV earlier this year and can honestly say my swim ability/technique/strength and fitness have improved enormously. For anyone looking to start or who is already on their way you will find this class inclusive and friendly.I would thoroughly recommend….Julian

I can’t thank Garrie enough for the time and support he has offered during the past year. Garrie has lots of patience and gives attention to detail. I am much more confident in the water and have progressed from being just about able to paddle to taking part in Ironman UK! …. Gemma

I have been training with Garrie for a couple of months, in which time he has really helped me develop my stroke and help me become a better and more efficient swimmer. Garrie sets the scene for fun, friendly, and efficient training….Pricilla

If you wanna reduce your swim times down this will help. Have been swimming in one of the group classes run by Garrie for 10 months and am now five  minutes quicker over a mile as a result – Dean 

Garrie’s  commitment, teaching, support and flexibility he gives out towards all his athletes is quite simply just excellent.
Garrie is excellent at looking at how you are swimming and improving technique and efficiency. You will swim better having swum his sessions and they are quite enjoyable too!….. Simon


To book your place on the squad please fill in the form below. If you would like to have a chat with us before committing or find out more details please give Garrie a call on 07595515903. 


Tuesday swim school

Personal details-

About your swimming

The sessions are run on a five week block. It is possible to join a block mid way through if places are available.
Our swim coaching is open to everyone regardless of any other clubs that you may be a member of.
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