Athlete Profile

How long have you been involved in triathlon?
After becoming bored with the monotony of going to a gym, In 2012 I got persuaded to give a sprint triathlon a go. I had not swam since school, I didn’t have a bike the only positive was that I could run!!  As soon as I finished I knew I wanted to do another one and have now been taking part in triathlon for just over 3 years.

Why did you decide to get a coach?
Being new to triathlon I had no idea how to train for three different disciplines. I couldn’t really swim properly and had no idea how to improve on the bike.  I liked the concept of having a plan to follow which made me disciplined. It meant it was easy to plan my week ahead, balance work and home life, and take the stress away of knowing when and what to do.

How did you come to hear about Peak XV Tri Coaching?
I work with Garrie and went on a trial coaching plan. 3 years later I am still following Garrie’s plans.

What was the discipline you needed to focus on?
Swimming! My first triathlon I did the full 16 lengths breast stroke. I could only do 1 length front crawl before hyperventilating!Biking! I had not been on a bike properly since my school days

What were your goals for 2015?
To be able to complete Ironman UK.

How did has the coaching you received help you achieve your goals?
I was absolutely petrified of the swim. Garrie was extremely patient with my frequent panic attacks and self-doubting. He started by breaking down the swim stroke giving me specific and manageable things to work on. I soon became to understand more about the swim stroke and what I could do to improve it. My confidence started to grow in the pool which hugely helped with open water. My first open water race, I froze and panicked , which happened again at my next race. Garrie spent time helping me overcome my fear of open water swimming helping me build my confidence, practicing drills, and doing sessions with me in the open water. I can now proudly say I completed the Ironman UK swim in 1hr 20 and was completely relaxed throughout. It was one of the highlights of the day!

How would you describe the coaching support that you received?
Garrie is very patient, he takes on board your fears, weaknesses ad worries and helps you to work on these with the bespoke plans he sets. He is extremely knowledgeable as he is old  which shows in the detail of the plans he sets.  It is very easy to get carried away and feel like you should be training 20 hours a week but Garries plans ensure that you are not overtraining, you are reducing your chances of injury and you can fit training around work, home life etc. and still have great results.

What were your goals for 2016 ?
To Complete a half Ironman distance in a warmer climate
To complete Ironman UK for the second time and smash my time from last year!.
To work on my biking as last year my focus was on my swimming.

Did you achieve them?

I completed Ironman UK and knocked 30 minutes off my time from last year. I still have some work to do on bike handling though! I didn’t get round to the half ironman somewhere warm so maybe next year!!


Coaches Comment

Like many client, Anna came to me as a novice. It soon became clear that whilst Anna had a very natural running style her biking and swimming needed addressing. In particular her confidence in open water.
Following a series of specifically designed turbo sessions her biking improved dramatically and success at the shorter distance came quickly with several podium places in local triathlons.
Anna also worked hard at her swimming and spent time focusing on the specific drills that we had identified to address her stroke faults. Anna’s 400m time reduced from over 9 minutes to 7. 40 in a short period of time.
Despite this improvement Anna still lacked confidence in open water and this loomed large in her thought coming up to Ironman UK. However through a series of open water drills, practice and developing a strategy of positive self talk Anna started the Ironman swim with more confidence than she thought possible.