Athlete Profile

How long have you been involved in triathlon?
I decided to enter Ironman UK in Sept 2014. Prior to that I had no experience in triathlon, nor was I regularly involved in any sport. I occasionally went to the gym but had no structure or routine.

Why did you decide to get a coach?
I entered IM 2015 with no background or any real fitness level to speak of. I needed to have a plan to follow to get me there. There’s lots of generic information and opinion available on the internet, it’s almost impossible to know what is right for you. For everything you read there’s a counter claim or alternative view. For me it was important I had access to somebody that had been there and done it and could offer the correct advice based on me and my levels and progress.

How did you come to hear Peak XV Tri Coaching?
Via personal recommendation, you’d coached my brother for quite a time and he was coming up to his 4th Ironman, so the proof was there for me to see.

What was the discipline you needed to focus on?
I couldn’t run a mile without having to stop and walk a bit, I had just had 6 swimming lessons to get me to be able to swim a length and I hadn’t been on a bike for years. So I needed to focus on all of the disciplines, but undoubtedly the swimming was my biggest weakness and needed most work.

What were your goals for 2015
Complete Ironman UK

How the coaching you received  help you achieve them?
The structured training plan was invaluable, being able to look a week ahead and know what I had to complete the following week was a massive positive for me. Also knowing that I had a coach assessing my progress and tailoring my plan specifically to me removed any indecision or doubts I had about what to do next, it was all mapped out for me. Any questions I had were answered based on experience and my own progress which was very useful.

How would you describe the coaching support that you received?

In a word, invaluable, without it I wouldn’t have been anywhere near as prepared as I was. The coaching was honest, constructive and relevant, I might not have always got the answer I was expecting but it was the answer that got me to the start and over the finish line with no major drama. I stood on the start line with no doubt in my mind that I was going to get to the finish line, I felt fully prepared and confident in my ability, which considering my start point 10 months earlier was amazing. And that’s down to the coaching that got me there.

What were your goals for 2016?
To complete Triathlon X one of the toughest IM distances races that there is, and  to significantly better my IM UK finish time by completing it for the 2nd time.

Did you achieve your goals?

Yes I survived and finished Triathlon X and I also managed to take time off my IM UK time.

Coaches comments

Marc is one of a growing number of people who sign up for Ironman after watching friends and relatives complete the event and think “I could do that”. Only after entering does it occur to them ” I can’t actually swim”  So with Marc the priority was his swimming. Once I had carried out the underwater video analysis we were able to identify specific drills which Marc could carry out during his swim training.  Marc also attended the Monday swim session regularly and soon began to improve. Moving from the pool to open water also brought improvement with the help that a wetsuit brings.  As well as making progress in swimming Marc also progressed in his cycling and running. By the time Ironman Day arrived Marc was raring to go and completed the event in 14.26.