Athlete Profile

How long have you been involved in triathlon?
I have been involved in triathlon since 2015

Why did you decide to get a coach?
I decided to get a coach as I believed it was the best way to make sure I got to the start line of Ironman. It was a big step into the unknown and wanted the guideance of somebody who had the experience and success in triathlon.

How did you hear about Peak XV coaching?
Initially I saw Peak XV swim sessions at Turton High School advertised on the Ironman Journey facebook page, I got in touch as it was at a ideal location and time for me. Not long after that I signed up to Garrie’s full time training plans.

How has being coached changed the way you train?
Now I have a much better structure, originally I was just going off what I thought was right, which if I had continued the way I was, I’d of either ended up with a serious injury or peaked way to early.

What were your goals for 2016?
My main goal was to finish Ironman UK  in under 13hours, after a couple of months of training with Garrie I had to reassess this after dramatic improvements and changed it to completing it in under 12hours.

How did the coaching you receive help you to achieve your goals?
With a structure and thought put into my plan, it helped ensure I arrived at the start line for Ironman in the best shape possible without any disruptions in the lead up too it.

How would you describe the coaching that you have received since joining Peak XV?
The coaching I recieved was excellent. The improvements across all three disciplines and my race results in 2016 compared to 2015 speaks for itself and are entirely down to joining Peak XV.

What are your goals for 2017?
For 2017, I won’t be doing the ironman. I’ve set myself a new challenge of qualifying to represent GB age group team at  sprint or olympic distance. I realise this is more than a one year journey so next year is about making steps towards that by continuing to improve by setting new PB’s at those distances.