Turton Swimming Pool, Bolton

Autumn Programme 

Monday:         8.00pm – 9.00pm   (intermediate / advanced)

Thursday:      8.45pm – 9.45pm     (All levels)

These coached swim sessions are suitable for all abilities. Numbers are limited to ensure that the lanes do not get overcrowded.  Each lane is graded by current swim ability. The Monday and Thursday evening sessions run for eight week blocks to ensure continuity of sessions.   

The dates for the next blocks are: 
Monday:          September 3rd 
Thursday:        September 6th 
Your coach for all sessions is a Level 3 Triathlon Coach, has completed the intense Swim Smooth Three Day Coach Education Course and recently spent two weeks in Perth, Australia shadowing Swim Smooth Head Coach. All the sessions follow the fantastic Swim smooth coaching system.

  • The Monday session is suitable for those people already able to swim front crawl and who are looking to improve.
  • The Thursday session combines technique with endurance work and is suitable for all 

Structure of the sessions:
Each eight week block follows a pattern with each week having a particular focus as follows:

Week 1: technique
Week 2: technique
Week 3: CSS tests 
Week 4: CSS endurance
Week 5 : Speed work
Week 6: CSS endurance
Week 7. Mixed
Week 8 Open water skills

*Critical Swim Speed

The cost of the Monday sessions is £44 per eight week block.

The cost of the Thursday session is £44 per eight week block.


Personal details-

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About your swimming-

Our swim sessions are open to everyone, in fact many of our swimmers are members of local clubs who come to us for professional swim coaching.
We are able to provide all the swim equipment will need for your first few session. If you decide to purchase equipment at a later date we can source these at discount prices
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