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Bike Threshold Testing

Turbo training is often seen as a wet weather alternative – only to be used when it’s too miserable to head out onto the roads for “proper training”.

Here at Peak XV Tri Coaching we believe that good quality turbo sessions should form part of your training all year round and not just reserved for the off season and rainy days. To get the best results from using your turbo trainer these sessions should be specific to both your current fitness level and your race aspirations for the coming season.

To help you establish your training zones for either power or heart rate we offer Bike Threshold Testing.

What does the test involve?

The test takes around a hour including  20-25 minute race pace effort. New for 2017 we will be using the Wahoo Kickr direct drive turbo trainer combined with Zwift online training software to complete the test. ( If this all sounds complicated or gobbledegook dont worry as all will be explained during the session)

What will the test tell me?

1. The test will measure Functional Threshold Power

2. Of more practical use for those without a power meter, it will also give you your threshold heart rate. This then allows the calculation of accurate training zones to follow for both turbo and road training.

How is this useful?

If you are intending to use a turbo trainer over the winter then knowing at what intensity to train will ensure that you get the maximum benefit from each session. It is also a useful tool to measure progress through the season.

When, where  and how much?

The sessions run from January-March 2017 on Wednesday evenings and Sundays in the Bolton/Manchester area.
Once you have completed the test  you will receive a performance report. (Example can be found here threshold-test-date)

This will include feedback on cadence, power, heart rate, peddling style and bike position. Also included will be recommended heart rate and power zones for training and six specific turbo sessions for you to try out.

The cost of the test including the 1-1 and performance report is £25.00. Re-tests are available for £20.00

What will I need to bring?

Your bike
Bike shoes
Suitable clothing (you’ll get hot and sweaty)
Heart rate monitor (one can be provided if you don’t have one)


For those people who have undetaken the test with us previously we offer the chance to monitor your progress through retests at a reduced rate of £20.00


How to book

Places for these sessions are limited. To register your interest complete the form below and hit Submit


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