Changes to Squad sessions

Changes to Squad sessions

Changes to Squad sessions

Adorning the wall of our marketing guys at Portfolio Design is Albert Einstein quote ” Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”
Bearing this in mind we recently took a trip out to Perth, Western Australia to spend some time shadowing Swimming Guru Paul Newsome to witness first hand how the Swim Smooth Squads operate with the intention to learn and implement changes within our own squad back in the UK. 

The changes outlines below have only one aim  To make you a more efficient and faster swimmer , after all I assume these are the principle reasons why people attend the sessions in the first place  (before discovering that the sessions are also friendly and fun) 

Lengths of Sessions 
Mondays squad will increase to 90 minutes  8.00 – 9.30pm starting 15th May
Thursday squad will increase to 60 minutes  8.45 – 9.45pm starting 27th April
The reasons for this are:

  • Looking at the data from our swimmers watches the amount of time actually swimming is often substantially lower than the length of the session. This occurs through sorting equipment, explaining the session, demonstrating the drills and dare I say it chatting inbetween sets!  Considering that many of our swimmers are training for the longer distances its obvious that adding additional time to each session will allow them to swim closer to the distance and time that they will on race day.
  • The longer sessions will also allow more time to focus on technique work. In the past some of the sessions have felt rushed and have not allowed time to truly understand and perfect drills which are essential for stroke improvement. 

It is not compulsory to swim for the whole of the session and people are free to finish the session early.

When analysing our coaching it became obvious that most of the input is spent focusing on the smallest group (lane 1)  This has left the other 3 lanes without as much feedback . In order to rectify this new beginner swimmers will be encouraged to either attend the Thursday session or to book onto 1-1 sessions. Our two coaches will then be able to focus on the majority of the swimmers.

Structure of the sessions:
Each eight week block will now follow a pattern with each week having a particular focus as follows:

Week 1: drills, CSS tests, ramp tests,
Week 2: CSS endurance
Week 3: technique
Week 4: CSS  endurance  
Week 5 : Speed work  
Week 6: CSS endurance   
Week 7. Mixed
Week 8 Open water skills

The days when going swimming involved wrapping your trunks in a towel are long gone. Most of our sessions include the use of pull buoy, long fins and hand paddles. We have spare paddles and pull buoys but we do recommend people getting hold of a pair of Finis long fins to get the most from the sessions. We are able to purchase these at a reduced bulk cost.

Cost of the session.
The cost of each session will rise by £1 per week. This is the first price increase since the sessions started three years ago and reflects both the additional cost of pool/life guard hire for the extra time and also a price increase that the school has introduced in April 2017.

Monday   8 week block will now be £48 (£6 per swim)
Thursday 8 week block will be £40  (£5 per swim).

We will continue to offer the credit system for those swimmers who let us know in advance that they can’t attend a session.

Hopefully everyone will welcome these changes, however if anyone has any questions please get in touch.
Heres to much more happy swimming