Iconic races in 60 minutes

Iconic races in 60 minutes

Iconic races in 60 minutes

As previously discussed here we are great fans of turbo training, and not only during the winter. We believe that the benefits gained in a sixty minute quality workout easily surpass a couple of hours in the cold and wet.
It still surprises me when I see Sunday Cyclists wrapped up like they are riding in the antarctic their eyes peering into the gloom through their full face balaclavas. All of these guys share one thing in common, they look miserable. Faces frozen into a grimace of doom, desperate to get home, review their ride on Strava and post how invigorating it was on Facebook.

No thats not for me! Indoor turbo every time. However anyone who has spent more than 20 minutes riding indoors facing the garage wall, trying to ignore the assorted junk accumulated over the past 20 years will know that it can be a tad boring!  

So to make the sessions more interesting and add some variety into your training we will be posting a regular indoor Triathlons for you to try. Each of these turbo sessions are loosely based on  some of the most iconic races across the world that I have been fortunate to compete in.

First off is Lanzarote Ironman. Having done this race three years running and spent many years training on the Island its a course that I know well . The route has changed over the years so the one here is based on the 1997 course. 

Lanzarote in 60 minutes

For those looking for more interval based sessions we also post our weekly turbo sessions here

Coming next Escape From Alcatraz in 45 minutes