New group swim video analysis

New group swim video analysis

New group swim video analysis

New for 2017 Peak XV Tri Coaching is pleased to offer Group Video Swim Analysis to local triathlon clubs in the North West. The aim of this service is to offer affordable individual swim video analysis in the club setting. To remain flexible and to suit as many clubs as possible we are offering three different options:

Option 1

This is a great option for those clubs who already have their own experienced swim coaches but maybe don’t have access to the specialist video and editing equipment. Our swim coach will attend one of your usual club swim sessions and video individual swimmers throughout the session using one lane of the pool only. This footage will then be transferred onto a SD card and sent to the clubs swim coaches who can then meet with each swimmer and give feedback.

Option 2

This is the best option for clubs without access to their own swim coach. This may also be an option for clubs where the swim coaches would like to observe and contribute to the feedback session. Our coach will attend the session and carry out the video and subsequent editing (as in option one).
In addition to this 0ur coach will then attend the following weeks swim session and feedback to the swimmers, including suggesting suitable relevant drills and training techniques.  The feedback will utilise Objectus Video Analysis software which allows for manipulation of the video and the ability for side by side comparison. This session will be delivered by our coach who has undertaken the Swim Smooth Coach Education Course .

Option 3

We can arrange for both the video and feedback sessions to take place at one of the pools in the Bolton area. This is ideal for those clubs or group of friends who don’t have a regular swim session but would still like to take advantage of the group offer. 

Full details including costs can be found here