Free Swim Sessions

February 1st

Swim sets to enjoy

Unable to attend either of the weekly Peak XV Swim Squads?  Don’t despair!
Each week one of the four lanes sets will be posted on this page for you to download, print and enjoy.

There are a variety of distances according to which lanes session has been posted.

Lane 1 sessions are around 1500m in Length

Lane 2 sessions are around 2000m in length

Lane 3 sessions are around 2500m in length

Lane 4 sessions are around 3000m in length

The sets are based on the swimmers Critical Swim Speed (CSS) details of how to calculate your CSS and what it all means can be found here 

Year 1 

August 1st Lane 4

August 4th Lane 4

August 11th Lane 1

August 18th Lane 3

September 1st Lane 4

September 5th Lane 4

September 8th Lane 2

September 12th Lane 4

September 15th lane 4

September 19th Lane 3

September 22nd Lane 4

September 26th lane 4

September 29th Lane 2

October 3rd Lane 4

October 6th Lane 4

October 10th Lane 4

October 13th Lane 4

October 24th Lane 4

October 31st Lane 3

November 7th Lane 4

November 14th Lane 4

November 17th Lane 4

November 21st Lane 4

December 1st Lane 2

December 5th Lane 4

December 8th Lane 2

Year 2 

January 5th Lane 4

January 9th Lane 4

January 16th Lane 4

January 19th Lane 4

January 23rd Lane 4

January 26th Lane 3

January 30th Lane 3

February 2nd Lane 4

February 6th Lane 4

February 9th Lane 2 

February 13th Lane 4

February 16th Lane 4

February 20th Lane 4

February 23rd Lane 4

March 2nd Lane 4

March 6th Lane 4

March 27th All lanes

April 3rd All lanes

April 10th Lane 4

April 13th Lane 4

April 27th Lane 4

May 5th Lane 4

May 10th Lane 4

May 15 Turton 4

May 18 Lane 4

May 22rd Lane 4

May 25th Lane 4


The following swim sets now include all four lanes. So its easy to download the session and pick which set suits your current level of fitness and ability. Descriptions of all the drills that are mentioned can be found on the Swim Smooth website. 


June 26th

June 29th

July 3rd

July 10th

July 10th

July 13th

July 24th

July 31st

August 3rd

August 7th

August 10th

August 14th

August 17th

August 21st

September 4th

September 11th

Septemebr 14th

September 18th

September 18th Special

September 21st

September 25th

September 28th

October 16th

October 23rd

November 2nd

November 6th

November 13th

November 30th

Year 3 

January 4th


January 15th

February 1st

February 5th

February 12th

February 26th

Autumn sessions

July 2nd

July 5

July 9

July 16

July 26th

September 3rd

September 6th

September 13th

September 17th

September 10th

September 24th

October 1st 2018 All lanes

October 4th 2018 All lanes

October11th 2018 All lanes

October 15th 2018 All lanes

October 22nd 2018 All lanes

October 29th 2018 All lanes

November 5th All lanes

November 11th All lanes

November 19th All lanes

December 3rd All lanes

December 10th All lanes

December 17th All lanes



January 5th

January 6th

January 13th

January 20th 1

January 27th 1

Feb 3rd

August 17th

August 20th 

september 7th

september 10th docx

september 17 docx