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Turbo sets to enjoy

For those unable to attend the Thursday evening Peak XV Turbo sessions or for anyone just looking for some varied and interesting session to use during the next few months our sessions are posted below each week. The sessions are written as a PDF so its simple to download and ride. Each session lasts around an hour and includes a range of drills and intervals dependant on the time of year.

The sessions use four  different heart rate zones. For those who either don’t have access to a heart rate monitor or who are unsure what their zones are the following is a simplistic guide to the intensity levels we use.

Easy:  Feels like a 2/3 out of ten. Riding at this intensity your able to have a full conversation without any difficulty

Level 1: This feels like a 5/6 out of 10. Riding at this intensity would be possible for long periods of time. Conversation is still possible without too much difficulty. Just below Ironman effort.

Level 2: This feels like a 7/8 out of 10. Conversation is more difficult, reduced to only short sentences. This is around standard distance effort

Level 3. This feels above 8/9 out of  10. Conversation is not possible. Concentration is required to maintain this intensity.

Each session is given a training code which reflects the time of year and the period of the training cycle athletes are currently in as follows:


Looking for something a bit different then try one of the Iconic races added here weekly. These are rough simulations of some of the Worlds best races that our coaches have raced at. 

Transitional Stage (TS) : October – November the emphasis is on maintaining fitness between the end of the previous race season and the start of Base training.

Base Training (BT) December – March the emphasis is on building a solid aerobic base leading towards Build phase.

Build Phase (BH) April – May  Introduction of more intense race pace efforts.

Peak (P) June -July. Shorter session but maintaining the intensity.


The sessions






Base 1

Base 2

Base 3

Base 4

Base 5

Base 6

Lanzarote in 60 minutes

Escape from Alcatraz

Base 7

Build 1

Build 2