How long have you been involved in triathlon?
I completed my first triathlon in 1999

Why after being involved in the sport did you decide to get a coach?
To learn different approach and save time. Also to have someone to listen and bounce ideas off. You can’t bounce ideas off a book!

How did you come to hear about Peak XV Tri Coaching?
Through racing on the circuit in the North West & then via social media

What was the discipline you needed to focus on?

What were your goals for 2015?
IM Barcelona

How did the coaching you received help you achieve your goal?
At the time of writing Ironman Barcelona is a few weeks away, but I already have a swim PB, expect to get a bike PB, the run will be what it will be.

How would you describe the coaching support that you received from me?
Informative, informal, with no fluff from Someone who has been there & won it, taken notes on how they did it and happy to pass it on.

What were your goals for 2016?
Smash the hell out of several 70.3 races.