Athlete Profile

How long have you been involved in triathlon?

I completed my first triathlon in 2011

Why did you decide to get a coach?

To do all the thinking for me!  Advise and help me become a better triathlete.

How did you come to hear about Peak XV Tri Coaching ?

Personal recommendation. I’d seen the progress that someone I have trained with had made following the training sessions set by Garrie

What was the discipline you needed to focus on?

All three, however swimming was the bit I needed most help with.

What were your goals for 2015

Complete Ironman Lanzarote and Ironman UK both in a respectable time.

How did I help you achieve them

What I found most valuable was having someone to make sure that I didn’t overtrain. Naturally I want to do more and more believing that by doing so I would get better and better. What actually happened was that I got injured. Since being coached I have come to realise that more is not always better and more importantly I have remained injury free. I also started attending the Monday Swim Squad, this brought my swimming on enormously

How would you describe the coaching support that you received from Peak XV Tri Coaching.

Really supportive, Garrie is always available to have a chat with and to answer other Tri related questions. Especially  around equipment and race choice.

What were your goals for 2016?

To better my time at IronmanUK and to remain injury free and motivated